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As an emerging debut author, I'm willing and able to promote 'Vichy Water.' This makes personal appearances and lectures viable and desirable. It's been a fascinating road thru the writing and publication process; all beginning ten years ago.
As a student at Rutgers University in the mid 1960's, I made a commitment to approach aging in a unique way. 'Vichy Water' was written after turning sixty, when cognitively, one is supposed to slow down. Anti-aging techniques make for interesting discussion. Some call the process 'extending life.'
I'm also involved in environmental issues, having had the opportunity to go one on one with Lisa Jackson, current head of the EPA and Christine Whitman, former head, and regularly attend environmental conferences; more interesting topics for group discussions.
Haunting spirituality is a major part of my life. Enough said. Motivationally speaking, what were the forces which moved this eyeglass salesman to start a new career as an author and publisher, after turning sixty and with no writing background or training? This same energy is responsible for this sexagenarian author(me) auditioning for The Apprentice and War of the Worlds, playing beer pong, learning to do keg stands and attending fifty Rutgers University sporting events a season. This life style and energy makes for interesting discussion.
What does this all mean? Calvin Schwartz would love to be more than an author, selling books, but yearns to be involved with people, sharing positive life experiences and motivation.

Please contact Calvin Schwartz @Earthood Media.
732-617-0612 or contact